Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Presenting Research Papers In November 2008

Come November 2008 will be a very busy month for me.

After the Global Conference on Computer Assisted Language Learning (GLoCALL Indonesia 2008). I will move on to present another research paper on Agronomic and Agro Marketing in the upcoming 1st Terengganu International Business and Econimic Conference (TiBEC 2008).

This international conference will be held in the Park Royal Kuala Terengganu on 26th-28th November 2008.

Global Conference On Computer Assisted Language Learning, Jakarta-Yogyakarta Nov 2008

Yes......... one more International cap,
I will present my 2 research papers on Computer Assisted Learning in the upcoming GLoCALL Indonesia (7th-9th Nov 2008, Ciputra Hotel Jakarta) (10th -12th Nov 2008, Grand Quality Yogya).
This is my first time to Indonesia. I am grateful to UiTM Malaysia for sponsoring me to GLoCALL Indonesia 2008. Am going with a group of my colleagues from UiTM Johor.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bicara Karya Novel 'Istikharah Di Persimpangan Pauh Manis' dan Ulang Tahun ke -52 DBP.....

Terima panggilan telefon daripada Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur mengundang saya ke situ pada 21 Jun 2008 pukul 9.00 pagi bagi tujuan majlis sambutan ulangtahun DBP sekaligus majlis Bicara Karya Novel ' Istikharah Di Persimpangan Pauh Manis'.
Surat undangan atau Faks akan susul dalam awal minggu hadapan melalui Pengarah UiTM Johor.
Ribuan terima kasih diucapkan kepada DBPKL dan UPENA UiTM Malaysia atas sokongan dan dorongan kerana saya kira ini adalah penghargaan paling besar buat saya dalam proses penghasilan karya kreatif terutamanya genre novel.

Friday, May 30, 2008

My Third Novel 'Perlah'.............

This is my 3rd novel published by UPENA UiTM Malaysia. Many thanks to UPENA UiTM Malaysia. 'Perlah' means 'Astaghfirullah al'ajim....'. In this novel I have try to put in do'a; tasbih; tahmid, azan and iqamat, that is to remind of our human strength and weaknesses as well as to constantly kept remind us of the exixtence of the Al-Mighty.
Some time we are trying to do the best but some how things turn otherwise but never give-up trying to do the best of we can because we will be bless with happiness and bountiful. Whatever we do, do remember the Al- mighty, He will be always behind us to give us strength and hope.....
More novels yet to publish, please get one.....
215 pages
Price: RM25

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happiest Day of My Career In UiTM Johor

20th May 2008 is the happiest day of my career in education . It never come across my mind that this high status that I have achieved. Early in the morning when I reached my office around 7.20 am, I check my mail. Around 8.20am the clerk called that our campus director wants to see me in his office by 9.15am
When I reached the director's office, another 3 lecterers were also waiting there. They were Mr. Albar; Pn. Fiza and Pn. Kursima.
Four of us were called in to the director's ofice and told that we got a promotion.
Yes, DM52 - Pensyarah Kanan. Finally all the hard works paid off.
I will Conduct more research, write more refreed journals, present more international papers and write books collectively.

3-6 June 2008 Sarawak here we come.......

Kuching, Sarawak here I come. This is the first time I ever set my foot on Sarawak. It is just a social visit to the Sarawak UiTM campus. All 10 of us headed by our ex DBS coordinator, Mr. Abd. Aziz Bin Ibrahim. We will be boarding the Air Asia plane from LCCT on the 3th June at 11.45 hours and will be touch down the Kuching International Airport around 13.45 hours.

Hopefully the faculty members over there will be there to receive us. Anyway, I wish to thank the authority over there for the arrangement (Loadging and transportation).

I have heard a lot of beautiful spots over there, hopefully we will visit all those places.

Bengkel Penulis Muda Muar 2008

27 hingga 29 Mei 2008 ini kena ke Hotel Pelangi Muar, Johor untuk Bengkel Penulis Muda anjuran bersama YWJ dan UiTM Johor. saya ialah salah seorang AJK sahaja sambil mengikuti program tersebut. Ia akan manfaatkan saya dalam penulisan kreatif saya.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Presenting research papers in Amazing e Learning II, Suan Dusit, Bangkok, 6-9 March 2008

Sawadee ka,
Bangkok, here I come.
First time touch down in Bangkok International Airport on 6th March 2008 with 5 faculty friends from UiTM Johor and Universiti Malaya respectively to present two research papers in the Amazing e Learning International conference in Suan Dusit Rajabath University.
It is really amazing, not only gain extra knowledge by sharing with other scholars throughout the world but also get to know new friends especially from Thailand.
My handicap was do not know how to communicate in Thai. Really got stuck. Lucky for me to get to know Peung who is willing to teach me Thai. I will get prepare for the 2009 upcoming Amazing e Learning III International Conference.
Peung, I will see you again in March 2009. with many thanks and love.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Giatkan Usaha Dalam Penulisan

Entah macam mana sejak akhir-akhir ini, minat dalam penulisan cerpen dan sajak membuak-buak, mungkin rakan-rakan ajak. Mungkin juga setelah dua buah novel telah diterbitan UPENA UiTM Malaysia pada Oktober dan November 2007. Sebuah lagi bakal diterbitkan dalam tahun 2008 ini.

Setakat minggu lepas, dua buah hasil cerpen dan lima buah sajak telah siap dan telah email kepada seorang kawan dari Pahang untuk digabung tenaga dengan karya-karya lima orang kawan penulis Cina supaya diterbitkan Syarikat Penerbitan Pekan Baru. Preface kedua-dua antologi cerpen dan sajak akan ditulis Dr. Lim Swee Tin.

Harapan saya ia akan diterbitkan dalam 2008 ini.